Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)

It seems like a million years pass in between the release of new Flight Facilities songs, but even with all that time going by the wait is always worth it every time a new song finally comes out. Each song they’ve released is a little different, but I think with “Clair De Lune” Flight Facilities have proven that they are the best producers out there. Each sound in their songs is placed with immaculate perfection and the songs, from the melody to the tone to the overall production, are flawlessly constructed. “Clair De Lune” is perfect music for headphones. Check out the skittery electronic sounds that pop up around the 2:30 mark that bounce around your head like moths around a flame, and the lush string arrangement that starts at the 4:45 mark. You just can’t find current music out there that on a purely subjective level sounds this good. You can hear right there in the song all of the time and effort they put into crafting these pop gems.

They also put out killer music videos, and “Clair De Lune” is no exception. I think the video perfectly captures the mood and tone of the song, both hopeful and yet full of despair, a feeling of holding on to something you love that realistically can’t last forever. It’s great stuff, and well worth the wait.

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