Gotye – Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver

Back before Gotye was making uber-addictive acoustic breakup songs with Kimbra that burrowed their way into your ears like those gross worm things in Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan, Gotye made retro chillout electronica that reminds me a lot of early Bent or Lemon Jelly (anyone else remember them?). Rubber House Studio has taken “Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver”, a now six-year-old track from his album ‘Like Drawing Blood’, and made a new animated video for it featuring a stressed out elephant walking through a street filled with noir-ish cartoon animal nastiness. Or is it? The danger might spring more from his own neuroses than anything in reality. The song seems made for the video, not the other way around, and its style reminds me a lot of animation and art from the early 60’s. It’s a really awesome video and a surprising treat for your Monday evening.

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