Twigs – Hide / Ache

Next to nothing is known about Twigs. If fact the only official thing I can find for her is her Tumblr, which consists solely of these two videos. She looks and sounds a bit like the love child of Grimes and The Weeknd, and if that statement didn’t make you want to watch these videos immediately then you obviously haven’t been reading this blog too long.

Both videos are very simple in concept. The video for “Hide” features a headless (not really) woman with a flower stuck to her crotch touching her…flower and gyrating to the beat, which may be a little too NSFW for some people. It really only gets as naughty as the image that YouTube loads before you start playing it, so if that’s good enough for your workplace and you didn’t scroll down to the next post as soon as you saw it then go ahead and watch it. But even if you can’t watch it at work, you should still just hit play and scroll along to something more work appropriate, because “Hide” is dark and sexy in the best way possible. I absolutely love this song. The video for “Ache” is very similar, except instead of having a half-naked woman in it, it features a guy dancing around in a Bane/ninja-inspired mask made from Air Jordan sneakers. Yep, you read that right. I think you’ll agree that Twigs is definitely a new artist to keep an eye on.

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