Deptford Goth – Life After Defo / Real Love Fantasy

Chillout Sundays are back! It’s Sunday, I’m alone, I’m bored as hell, and the unusually warm September weather that we’ve been going though in Seattle has finally broke for some comforting Fall-like chill. Sounds like the perfect conditions for some chill tunes.

“Life After Defo” is one of those songs you just know that you are going to love almost the instant it starts playing. Heck, I think I was sold with that first epic bass drum beat. Deptford Goth has a voice that goes straight for the hairs on the back of your arm and puts goosebumps on your skin, and the beats sound exactly like what an epic Sunday afternoon of sitting around on the couch doing nothing should sound like. If this doesn’t put you in the mood to enjoy your lazy Sunday, then nothing will.

This video for “Real Love Fantasy” was made from National Lampoon’s Vacation by a fan using footage from the blonde on the highway scene. Pretty appropriate footage I think, since this is exactly the type of music you should be listening to while daydreaming in the car. Preferably not while driving though. C’est Non Un Blog does not condone daydreaming while driving. If we had lawyers, they’d probably tell us to say something like that.

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