Kisses – Johnny and Mary

As you could imagine I’m not a big fan of tropical climates, but the one place I would really like to travel to, that one exception to the rule, is Rio de Janeiro. There’s just something intoxicating about the atmosphere, the music, the giant Christ the Redeemer statue looking out over the city and the general culture and vibe of Brazil that is very appealing to me. It just seems like a great place to visit, which is exactly what Kisses did to make this music video for a Robert Palmer song they covered. Is it a love song? A falling out of love song? A realistic love song? I just know that I really love it. What’s better is that Kisses have a second album coming out soon, and I can’t wait for it.

The video for “Johnny and Mary” is listed as private, but you can still watch it with the password: riokisses

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