Robots With Rayguns – Tracy Freeland (TSTR remix) / Change of Heart

This morning a fan vid for the TSTR remix of Robots With Rayguns’ “Tracy Freeland” appeared on the interwebs, using footage from the little seen early Schwarzenegger mini-classic, Raw Deal. Even though this video basically shows you the whole end of the movie I’m not sure I’d call this video a spoiler if you were still planning on watching the film, because if you hadn’t already guessed that Schwarzenegger would shoot everyone at the end of the movie, then you’re really, really bad at guessing how movies end.

For those who like dancing in their retro synth-based electronic dance videos instead of mass murder, here’s the video for Robots With Rayguns’ “Change of Heart”, featuring footage from Breakin’ and Dirty Dancing, among other things. I kind of want to learn how to bust out some of these dance moves. And if you haven’t already done so, you should really download Robots With Rayguns’ free album, ‘Electro Isn’t Dead’ from their BandCamp page. It’s amazing and it’s free!

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