Sabrina – Boys (Summertime Love)

Australia’s Michelle Jenneke became internet famous this week when this video of her winning the 110 meter hurdles last weekend at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Barcelona went viral for the little dance she did pre-race to stretch/get rid of the jitters. It’s only the cutest, most adorable things you’ve ever seen this side of a box of kittens. And of course with the internet being the internet, someone slowed the footage down and set it to 80’s Italio-disco hit “Boys (Summertime Love)”. The result: Internet gold.

Upon doing a little research for this post I discovered that the original video for Sabrina’s “Boys (Summertime Love)” is actually one of the most downloaded videoclips in internet history, primarily because of the fact that in the video the bikini top that she’s wearing keeps falling down repeatedly, showing glimpses of her nipples. It probably then goes without saying that this video is a little NSFW.

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