Beach House – Lazuli

I admit, I’ve been pretty slow to get on the Beach House train. Their earlier stuff never really took hold of me in any discernible way, and they sounded a little too “folky” for my taste. But “Lazuli” has a nice chill cosmic vibe that I love that goes pretty well with the “Astral Projection” video I posted earlier. “Lazuli” has some cool sounding spaced-out electronics and the video features what appears to be Sigorney Weaver’s apartment from Ghostbusters. I’m definitely more likely to go back and listen to their older stuff after hearing this track.

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1 Response to Beach House – Lazuli

  1. jeremytblack says:

    Beach House has come my way free through KEXP, KCRW and/or MPR, including this song. I like them. I love “Norway.” But I haven’t ventured out and purchased any of their work yet. So perhaps they haven’t grabbed me yet either.

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