Tours – Low Life (Feat. Steffaloo)

It has kind of become this unwritten rule out there that if an indie band brings on Steffaloo to sing vocals on a track for them, that that song is going to be amazing. It is pretty much guaranteed that whenever I see her name attached to a song I know before even listening to the song that it’s going to impress, which is all the more amazing considering how many different producers she’s worked with. Obviously she has great taste.

The video for “Low Life” begins with old footage from some TV show where a DJ is trying to explain/demonstrate to the host how scratching and mixing a record can add new life to a song, which immediately gives some major gravitas to the track. Intercut with our DJ is footage of some mysterious woman that appears whenever Steffaloo’s vocals bleed into the awesomesauce. Tours has already put out some great songs, but “Low Life” far exceeds them all. This is already one of my favorite songs of 2012 and you can pick this song up for free from Tours’ Soundcloud page, along with pretty much everything else they’ve recorded so far.

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