Ben Browning – I Can’t Stay

I’m really torn about “I Can’t Stay”. On one hand I really like this new song off of the solo project by Cut Copy’s bassist, Ben Browning, but on the other hand “I Can’t Stay” sounds an awful lot like Cut Copy’s “Take Me Over” (as interpreted by Vampire Weekend). The central riff is exactly the same in both songs, the only difference between each song being some different lyrics and some Afro-Caribbean guitar licks. Does the fact that this Cut Copy solo project sounds exactly like an outtake from Cut Copy make this any less of a song? I dunno. I’ll let you be the judge.

(To make things even more confusing, Browning actually started working on his EP ‘Lover Motion’ BEFORE Cut Copy went into the studio to cut ‘Zonoscope’, the album that “Take Me Over” appeared on, although since he didn’t finish the EP until AFTER ‘Zonoscope’ came out it’s not clear which of the two songs was actually written first. With this new piece of the puzzle in place I might actually guess that “I Can’t Stay” was written first, or at least the central riff for it was, because “Take Me Over” feels like a more fleshed out, expanded version of this song. Just one more thing to think about.)

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