Elro – Bad News (feat. The D.O.T.)

Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, has taken a break from making his own records and has moved on to producing songs for other artists after starting his own label, The Beats. While it’s sad that he isn’t making his own music anymore, if I were to be honest his last few albums haven’t actually been that great, not like his first two anyway. And hey, if it means he’s going to be producing more songs like “Bad News”, more power to him. “Bad News”, by up-and-comer UK rapper Elro, feels a lot like classic Streets material and that’s definitely a good thing. I actually have my extreme boredom to thank for finding this track today. To kill time today I’ve been cleaning out my email inbox and found this in some random message that I had glanced at and then ignored a couple months ago.

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