Kindness – House

This is one of those videos you absolutely have to watch, even if you don’t watch every video that I post. Trust me, your day will be better off because of it. Kindness has put together another unconventional, almost anti-music video for his new song “House” that is a mesmerizing analysis of pop music and what it is to love pop music.

In the video he sits down with an 8-year old boy and they play with some keyboards and a drum machine, discussing what the boy thinks of each sound. It’s playful and yet informative, almost like a segment from an old PBS kids show. It doesn’t hurt either that “House” is probably the best song off of their debut album and it already feels like a classic pop song.

If this video doesn’t end up on my list of the best music videos of 2012, I’ll be really shocked because it’s SO good, on SO many levels. Of course it’ll have to compete with their equally amazing video for “Gee Up“…

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