Futurecop! – The Only Way (feat. Keenhouse)

This new music video for Futurecop!’s “The Only Way” is fantastic in every way that their video for “Starworshiper” was gawd awful. “Starworshiper” has been around for years as an amazing instrumental track but for some reason they recently slapped some vocals on it to release it as the first official single off of their debut album. Problem is the vocals felt totally tacked on. The lyrics are mindnumbingly dumb and the vocals are completely contemporary sounding, what with its generic, uninspired hipster female vocalist and token rap verse, which made the vocals feel completely out of place with the song’s classic synthetic 80’s sound.

On the other hand the vocals in “The Only Way” feel spot on for the song, and the video for it goes perfectly with Futurecop!’s retro sound. The Futurecop! logo at the beginning is an homage to the Orion film studio logo, instantly familiar to anyone who has seen a movie from the 80’s, and the plot of the video is straight out of a long lost 80’s teen comedy. A bored teen working at a mini-golf course puts magic sunglasses on a mannequin that then comes to life, and the two of them party away the rest of his shift under the nose of his oblivious jerk of a boss. This is the way Futurecop! should be presented to the world.

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