iamamiwhoami – idle talk

At the end of the last chapter of the Mop Monster Saga iamamiwhoami had gone from dancing with the mop monsters in a barn to dancing with them in a stark white room filled with what looked like generic white Ikea style shelving. At the start of this video she wakes up in a pile of dirt on that same white floor, but the mop monsters are nowhere to be seen. All that seems to be left of them are dirty mop heads. iamamiwhoami is then quickly transported back to the field and then finally back to what looks like the original white apartment the saga started in. It has gotten dark outside since last we were there and the apartment is now clean, but when she opens the closet door a pile of dust pours out at her feet.

Has the entire Mop Monster Saga been a part of an elaborate daydream she had while cleaning her apartment? And is this the final chapter of the Saga, now that she’s back? Does the fact that she’s back where we started mean that this story is sadly finally over, or does the fact that she crawls into the closet at the end of the video suggest that she’s now off on another adventure? I absolutely hope the later is true. And has this series of videos been about sweeping and hiding away ones feelings/problems/etc., or has it been about avoiding housework the whole time? As always, iamamiwhoami leaves you with just as many questions as she does answers.

While it would be sad if this is the end, there’s really no indication one way or the other if that’s true. This is all pure speculation on my part. Which means we might as well start talking about the song, which is just pure amazingness. Enjoy:

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