Elite Gymnastics – Here, In Heaven 4 & 5 (CFCF remix)

Elite Gymnastics released their third Ruin EP a little while ago, and one of the standout tracks on Ruin 3 is CFCF’s absolutely stunning remix of “Here, In Heaven 4 & 5”. Someone took that song and synced it to probably the most disturbing scene in Full Metal Jacket (so disturbing that when the movie cuts to Vietnam directly after this, that’s seen as a relief in tension), which creates this really great juxtaposition between how dark the clip is and how beautiful the song is. It’s also amazing how well the clip syncs with the song with really no editing on the video creator’s part. It’s pretty mesmerizing to watch, especially if you’ve seen Full Metal Jacket before and remember the context of this scene.

Just like with pretty much everything else Elite Gymnastics have done, you can pick up the Ruin 3 EP for free on their blog, or just follow this link here.

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