Azealia Banks – 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)

“212” is one of those songs that I’ve been holding onto for what feels like forever, always saying I was going to go back to it and post it but then never following through, which is a shame, because this track is bangin’. Seriously, what was I thinking, internet? “212” is amazing and must be shared.

The song starts off with this stripped down dancehall beat that’s catchy as hell, basically guaranteed to get your booty shaking. Then Azealia’s lyrics come in, sliding in perfectly with the rhythm and raunchy as hell, but also very playful and fun. And then right when you think you’ve got the song all figured out she switches from rapping to singing at around the halfway point and you discover this amazing voice, smooth and sticky like molasses. Throw this song on at a party and watch the atmosphere in the room jump up to eleven. I can’t wait until Azealia Banks releases a debut album full of this stuff.

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