iamamiwhoami – play

The mop monster saga continues!

Like the others, this video takes place right after the last one, although something seems to have happened in between the two that they didn’t quite explain, because there seems to be a reversal of fortunes for iamamiwhoami since the last video. It’s a little confusing and disconcerting at first, but all of those feelings disappear as soon as the song actually starts. There needs to be some sort of award given to her for creating so many songs that can almost instantly give me goosebumps, while at the same time having all the songs in the series so far sound so different from each other. It’s fantastic.

I’m pretty sure with each new video I’m saying that this is my favorite song yet, and in each case it really is true. This song is just so damn good. “play” has this relaxed, lackadaisical, rolling beat to it that is so incredibly sexy. You can almost imagine a Superfly-esque pimp strutting down the street to this (an image you’ll have in your head too after you see her with her mop coat and pimp stick, aka golf club).

[Note: I went back through and added a “mop monster” tag to each post in the series so you can now watch them all back to back on one page if you want.]

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