Jesse Ruins – Shatter the Jewel / CSLSX – Keep On Shining / Washed Out – Before

I’ve been holding onto this gem (no pun intended) for a month now and I’m not sure why I haven’t posted Franck Deron’s latest fan video for “Shatter the Jewel” until now, aside from the excuse of pure laziness. [UPDATE: OK, it is also possible that it’s because every time I try to do my write up for this video something comes up and tears me away from finishing my post. Like the last time I tried to post this, which was exactly a week ago. I just logged on to try and write a new post when I found this as a saved draft.] Anyway, before something else comes up and pushes my posting back another couple weeks I better hurry up and finish writing so I can hit that allusive post button.

I love this video for Jesse Ruins “Shatter the Jewel”. It uses a mirror image of old industrial automotive films to create some really cool shots of cars seemingly flying right at each other. The track is fantastic too.

Since we’re on the subject of videos I wanted to post but never got around to actually posting, here are two more videos from Franck Deron that I always wanted to post but had somehow gotten lost in the cracks. (Franck Deron also did that amazing fan video for M83’s “Wait”.)

CSLSX’s “Keep On Shining” features footage from what was apparently the first ever commercial to feature a computer generated image of a woman. Oh, how far we have come since then! CSLSX’s track fits right in with the relaxed 80’s futuristic vibe of the footage.

The video for Washed Out’s “Before” is filled with found footage of 1960’s jetset mod fashion, vacations and glamour, back in that magical time when flying was fun and you didn’t look forward to a trip the same way you look forward to a root canal at the dentist’s. Washed Out’s track is so chill and relaxed that it’ll make you feel like you’re on vacation too.

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