Yeasayer – Ambling Alp / ONE

Neither of these videos are particularly new, but I’d never seen either of them before and since I discovered them yesterday and thought that they were pretty cool I thought I’d share them with you kind folks. Plus, anything that reminds you of how amazing an album ‘Odd Blood’ is is a good thing, right? Both videos were directed by Radical Friend and both are pretty trippy. They remind me of maybe something you’d see out of Australia out of the late 80’s, even though Yeasayer is actually from Brooklyn. Both songs and both videos are pretty memorable, so if you haven’t already seen them you should definitely check them out.

(PS: The first video for “Ambling Alp” does contain some nudity, so it goes without saying that that one is probably NSFW.)

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2 Responses to Yeasayer – Ambling Alp / ONE

  1. jeremytblack says:

    I love these two songs. I posted some live performance videos of these two songs on facebook a long while back. A friend saw them, shared them with his 9 year old son–they all had their clothes on in these–and then about six months later my friend mentioned that Yeasayer is one of the few bands the kid’s been listening to. He’s the kid who’s taken up playing first piano, second guitar, now drums.

    I listened to them quite a bit, too, but haven’t turned into a middle aged musical prodigy as a result. Pity.

    • It’s funny, I have the first album and it’s OK, but I don’t really remember much from it. The second album I got on a whim and I was instantly happy with my decision. From start to finish it’s a great album.

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