M.I.A. – Bad Girls

Speaking of M.I.A, she also came out with a new music video the same day as Madonna, even though the song isn’t brand new–it was first heard on her VickiLeekx mixtape. And while I think it was a poor PR move on her part to flip off the entire Super Bowl audience, personally I was fine with it. I mean, as this song clearly points out, she is a bad girl. “Live fast, die young / bad girls do it well.” I can’t really say that any of us who’ve been a fan of hers were really all that surprised or shocked by it. (I mean, that’s a whole lot different than, say, flashing an entire Super Bowl audience.)

This video shot in Morocco is, simply put, completely bad ass. “Bad Girls” is one of my very favorite official music videos to come out in a long time. You’ve got crazy car stunts, stunningly epic Lawrence of Arabia-esque visuals, and a whole lot of swagger. On top of that, “Bad Girls” is probably M.I.A.’s best song since “Paper Planes”. There’s a whole lot to love in this video.

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