Pearl Fiction – Run

Pearl Fiction, if you remember, is one member of the now sadly defunct Swedish band Zeigeist who put out a pretty cool video for “The Ruby Fever” about a year ago and then disappeared for a while. Well, he finally announced that a full length album called ‘Painted Wolf’ is coming out January 25th, and to tide us over while we wait we get this video for “Run”. The song starts out sounded a lot like a song by fellow Swedes The Knife, but it quickly turns into a bouncy 80’s pop number accompanied by decade appropriate imagery. Everything about the video screams 80’s, from the lighting to the styling to the fact that nothing makes any sense in the video from one scene to the next. Seriously, five dollars to anyone who can tell me what the hell is going on here. Anyway, this is the next best thing to getting new music from Zeigeist and I can’t wait for that album to come out next year.

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