Rebecca Black – Person Of Interest

I really wanted to post the video for Rebecca Black’s “My Moment,” believe me, I really did, but I just couldn’t bring myself to doing so. It was just too crappy, and not in the wonderfully horrible way “Friday” is crappy. It was just plain dull, and there was nothing interesting or train-wrecky about it. That’s probably why, despite the huge buzz it got when it was announced that Rebecca’s second video was on the internet, no one was talking about it days later.

I am surprised, however, that nothing was made of her third single, “Person of Interest”. I hadn’t even heard about it until I came across it randomly while surfing the net today. While it’s no “Friday”, (really, what could live up to that?) there’s just enough wrong (i.e. right) with this video to make it entertaining. First of all, there’s the whole concept of the song. This is probably the only pop/love song I can think of that uses a suspect in a horrible crime as its primary metaphor for liking a boy. I mean, sure, “Every Breathe You Take” is about a stalker, but Sting is so subtle with his metaphor that most people still think this is an appropriate song to play for their first dance at a wedding. Rebecca’s not so subtle.

The rest of the video is just dorky enough that you could probably make a few internet memes out of it, but it doesn’t really get batshit crazy until the end of the video when Rebecca bum rushes the stage at someone else’s concert to sing the end of her song.

First off, how much must it suck to be playing your own show, probably one of your first shows if not the first, at a carnival of all places, only to have Rebecca Black, of all people, grab the mic from you? The only thought that can be going through your head at that moment is “Now my career is officially over”. Then you start to think about those girls. Are they Japanese? They’re dressed like harajuku girls, but then there’s that Chinese dragon that jumps out of fucking nowhere, and then you notice that it’s quite possible the girls might even be white. I can’t frickin’ tell. Finally you find out that Rebecca’s falsifying a police report so that the police sketch artist can draw a picture of the guy she was with, but if that wasn’t bad enough the stetch artist draws them like how a carnival artist would.

I’m sorry, I know the song sucks, but I still love it. Haters gonna hate, but I can’t help be endlessly entertained by Rebecca Black.

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