Madeon – Pop Culture

Mash-ups can be tricky. Despite what most amateur DJs on the internet may think, you can’t just get the beat to match two popular songs, combine the two together and then get yourself a hit. It just doesn’t work that way. Some artistry is still involved, which French 17-year old DJ Madeon fully understands in this mash-up he made from 39 different songs.

OK, few notes about this video. The first song (actor-you-recognize-but-can-never-remember-where-from) Martin Starr queues up on the radio and says “Well this song sucks” to is actually Madeon’s own remix of Yelle’s “Que Veux-Tu.” Now if you remember that video, which was up on my blog here, then you probably had a little déjà vu when watching this video. Why was that? Well the guy who made this video, Nathan Barnatt, is the same guy who made the Yelle video. If you didn’t remember him from the way the videos were shot, then you definitely remembered him from this killer dance move:

And did I mention Madeon recorded “Pop Culture” live? Here’s the original video of him creating the song:

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