Ninja Sex Party – Dinosaur Laser Fight / The Decision / You Can Do Us!

If you’re a fan of cheesy 80’s-ness and The Lonely Island’s absurdist brand of musical comedy, then you are going to love Ninja Sex Party. In their newest music video Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian take over a science class to teach kids the real story of how dinosaurs invented lasers.

At this point you’re probably trying to figure out which member of the band you want to sleep with, so the guys try to make your decision easier with their aptly named song, “The Decision”.

Now that you’ve made your decision on who you want to make sweet monkey love to, learn all about what the actual experience is going to be like at their “You Can Do Us!” seminar. Put on your sex hat and enjoy.

Ninja Sex Party have a bunch more videos at their website. I suggest you specifically check out the epic four part “The Sacred Chalice” video.

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