Slow Magic – Corvette Cassette / Sorry Safari

Even as the month draws to a close, bringing along with it fall, summer’s still going strong (it actually hit 80 in Seattle the other day) and that deserves a good summer song to send the season out right. I think Slow Magic’s “Corvette Cassette” is up to the task. It’s chilled-out Balearic vibe reminds me of a slowed down Delorean or Beat Connection.

Check out this video for “Sorry Safari”. The song feels like you’re in synth heaven. It’s too bad not much else is known about Slow Magic at this point. The only information you can find on them is this one sentence on their Bandcamp page: “Slow Magic is the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend.” Cryptic, but I think it’s appropriately mysterious. God, this music is sooo good.

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