Marina And The Diamonds – Fear And Loathing / Radioactive

The beautiful and extremely talented Marina And The Diamonds has her second album, ‘Electra Heart’, coming out soon and she’s released two videos to help build some buzz around it. Part One, a song called “Fear and Loathing”, was released last week and it’s very dark and moody. As Marina wrote when she posted the video “‘Electra Heart’ epitomizes and embodies the lies, illusions and death of American ideologies involved in the corruption of self.”

So I’m thinking, ‘Electra Heart’ is going to be yet another slowed down, angst filled, and depressing sophomore effort that I’ve heard a billion times before. It’s going be nothing like the first album and the bouncy songs like “Oh No” that I fell in love with. Bye, bye dance beats.

And then Part Two came out. “Radioactive” still has some dark lyrics, but the beat is anything but depressing. This could be (and probably will be) a big club track, with its European-style club beats and trance melody. The best thing about the song though? No excessive Auto-Tuning. That’s right, Marina’s one of those rare pop starlets who can actually sing.

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