Cee Lo Green – Cry Baby

There’s something about this video that’s been nagging at me, something that keeps this really good video from being great. It’s definitely not the song; that’s fantastic. Cee Lo is working with that same retro doo-wop soul sound that made “Fuck You”…I’m sorry, “Forget You”…such a big hit. I love the little bridge part right after the chorus. So good.

And it’s not Jaleel White, aka Steve Urkel from ‘Family Matters’. He’s got a lot of personality in this video and he can dance. Plus, 90’s nostalgia is really in now, so it’s not that.

No, the best I can come up with for why this video isn’t quite a home run is that the color pallet of this video is really bland and muted. Do you see what I’m talking about? All the dancers are wearing these really colorful outfits that are, well, not all that colorful. All that color is either grayed or muted. It’s like when in Wizard of Oz the film goes from black and white to technicolor…except in this video they got stuck halfway inbetween. Plus, the cinematography is so flat and lifeless. It almost feels like the video was made on budget and/or time constraints. “OK people, we only have the light for this much longer, so let’s crank this puppy out!” It’s a shame, because if this was shot a little bit more like a Gap ad it would have really stood out and been a video to remember.

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