Flight Facilities – Foreign Language / Crave You & Luke Million – Arnold

Flight Facilities (with a little help from Jess on vocals) have a new single out called “Foreign Language” that’s very disco-tastic. This song would fit in perfectly at the height of 70’s disco-mania and it has a very appropriate music video featuring footage from the movie ‘Roller Boogie’ to go along with it. I don’t know what it is that I like so much about modern/retro roller disco, but I like it very, very much. (I’m guessing it’s probably the hot pants. Ok, it’s the hot pants.)

I know I posted the video for Flight Facilities’ first single “Crave You” featuring Giselle, but I can’t find a tag for it, and I went back quite a ways into my history and I still couldn’t find it there either. So just in case I never did post the video, which I swear I did, I’ll post it again here:

And if you are craving even more 70’s disco nostalgia, here’s a song Luke Million made using sample’s from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Pumping Iron’.

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