LCMDF – Cool And Bored

I know I post a lot of 80’s New Wave inspired music on my blog, so for those of you who are feeling more nostalgic for some 90’s alternative stuff, this post is for you. LCMDF (which stands for Le Corps Mince de Françoise) are a girl group comprised of two sisters from — you guessed it! — Helsinki, Finland. Wait, you didn’t guess that? Don’t feel too bad; I had to look it up. I could have sworn they were from Paris, but nope. Anyway, anyone else getting a heavy 90’s alternative flashback vibe from this video? This is a fun summertime block party type song with probably one of my all time favorite gibberish choruses: Ba-ba-ba ooo-ah oh!

LCMDF – Cool and Bored from The Line Of Best Fit on Vimeo.

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