Pogo – Bloom

Pogo put up the video and mp3 for “Bloom” today, which was previously something you could only hear at his live shows. When I first heard this song at the Cha Cha I didn’t love it, as its mellow vibe didn’t quite fit in with the club atmosphere of the other songs surrounding it, but after listening to it again on its own I actually really love this song. “Bloom” mashes up samples from quite a few different Disney princess films, which become waves upon waves of beautiful melody crashing over you. This song is guaranteed to make you feel better after a shitty day.

BTW, do you remember in my previous Pogo post I mentioned how goldpikpikcarrots’ video for “Mellow Brick Road” was part of a competition Pogo was putting on to decide what the official video to this song would be? Well, the five finalists have been chosen and goldpikpikcarrots entry is among them. The other four videos are really good too though, and I’m quite conflicted as to which one is my favorite. If you want to check out those other four videos and vote for your favorite, you can do so on Pogo’s website here.

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