Sunday Funday (Is Tropical, Bad Lamps, Yelle)

I found some fun videos today that I thought I’d share with you. First up is “The Greeks” from Is Tropical, which basically answers the question of what would it really be like if you could actually see the violence of little boys play shooting at each other. It’s pretty funny, although I should warn anyone who’s sensitive to such things that it contains some very graphic–abet cartoon–violence involving children. You’ve got to love the scene in the “Drogue” lab though.

Next up is a fan video for a band I’d never heard of before, called Bad Lamps. The fan took footage from the “dramatic” sections of a bunch of different porn films and edited it all together. This is completely safe for work, (well, maybe not “completely”) and the song is called “Never Know The Difference”.

Yelle’s “Que Veux Tu” is one of my most played songs this year and is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs ever. Therefore I completely identify with this fellow’s urge to dance to the Madeon Remix of the song. I always want to dance like that too, although maybe without the pith helmet.

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