The Lonely Island – 3-Way (The Golden Rule) / Jack Sparrow

Saturday, aka not-Judgement Day, did give us some rapture, and that came in the form of the season finale of SNL. While the majority of this season has been pretty shitty, bringing Justin Timberlake back to host was a serious godsend, since just about every part of Saturday’s show was great. I honestly believe they should have Justin, Alec Baldwin and Jon Hamm rotate as host every week and make the world a better place.

The best part of the show was of course the return of the “Dick In A Box” guys, fresh off of their motherloving. “Dick In A Box” and “Motherlover” were both perfect in the way they made ridiculous songs sound oh so good in an authentic 90’s R&B style. The new song does not disappoint and carries on that tradition. Lady Gaga makes a guest appearance and I have to say, for some odd reason I’ve never been turned on by her until seeing her dressed up as Chrissy from Three’s Company. I don’t know what that says about me.

The Lonely Island also put out a fantastic album this month, Turtleneck & Chain. I listened to that about five times the instant it became available on the net and arguably the biggest stand out track on the album has to be “Jack Sparrow”. In it Michael Bolton plays their hook man who is a little distracted by the Pirates of the Caribbean marathon he just finished watching. Lucky for us, SNL thought this was the best song too, as they made it into a Digital Short a few weeks ago.

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