Rebecca Black – Friday

This may possibly be the greatest music video ever made, much in the same way that Troll 2 is possibly the greatest film ever made. It is so astoundingly, yet earnestly, bad that at first you dismiss it as crap, then you re-watch it to see if the video was a joke or not, and then, many viewings later, you can’t get the idiotic song out of your head. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. When I first saw this video on Saturday it had roughly 40,000 views on YouTube. As of me writing this less than a week later it has roughly 13 million views. Like me, the rest of the world must have needed answers to such burning questions as:

What days precede and follow Friday?
Should I sit in the front seat, or the back seat (or the only damn seat that’s actually available)?
Follow up question, why is she still trying to figure out what seat she’s going to sit in as they are drivin’ down the highway?
Can I have fun, fun, fun, fun on a Friday? What about partying?
We, we, we so excited? Yep, we so excited.
Is that kid even old enough to have his driver’s license?
Why is that black guy in his 30’s hanging out with a teenage white girl?

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12 Responses to Rebecca Black – Friday

  1. ianthes says:

    That is just awful. The way she snots out “Friday” through her nose drove me bananas. And, the bigger question is; are those zits or moles on everyone’s faces? A little Clearasil goes a long way.

    • There is a very large population of the internet that believes she’s saying “fried eggs” instead of Friday.

      • ianthes says:

        I feel bad now because I saw a few articles online yesterday about how badly she feels for all the insults she’s received about the song.

      • I’ve been following this quite obsessively and the thing that really drives me nuts is how many people are picking on her singing voice, as if that was the worst thing out of the million things wrong with this video. Sure, there is a lot of auto-tuning but how is that different from every other pop song out there now? Britney Spears’ new album is more auto-tune than Britney. Her voice isn’t great, but it’s not horrible either (one needs to only watch one of the billion parody videos that have come out to see how bad the song can really sound when someone who can’t sing is singing it.)

        No, the real culprits for this video’s awfulness are the people at Ark Productions, who were responsible for everything else in the video, especially the actual writing of the song. The lyrics are obviously what makes this song so bad. But what do you expect when you pay $2,000 for a song AND music video, something that usually costs at least 100x that in the industry?

        I stand by my comparison of this video to Troll 2 because in both cases someone in the industry who was never that great at what they did, but who thought that they were great (Ark Productions), teamed up with inexperienced amateurs who didn’t know any better (Rebecca Black; she’s 13 for crying out loud) and the resulting factors created the perfect storm of earnest awfulness. This video has become so popular on the internet not just because it’s horrible, but because it is so damn catchy AND horrible at the same time. It’s the perfect commentary on the current state of pop music.

      • ianthes says:

        Poor girl. And, you’re right. I agree.

  2. sceneasfuck says:

    lol what is this i don’t even

    • This is a true viral video, in that, like a virus, it will burrow itself into your brain and not let go. The last three days I’ve woken up, only to realize that I’ve been repeating “Friday, Friday” over and over again in my head. The video has become a huge running joke amongst my friends.

  3. Lyrics.
    So bad.
    It’s like a wholesome Ke$ha song.

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