Cut Copy – Corner Of The Sky

Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours is definitely on my top twenty greatest albums of all time list, and along with that somewhat honor they’re also one of my very favorite bands. Their new album, Zonoscope, is out this Tuesday and I definitely suggest you pick it up, because it is pretty darn amazing too.

The first video for the album is “Corner Of The Sky” and it’s a mindbogglingly beautiful video. It looks like a Chronos/Planet Earth/IMAX movie. If your computer display supports HD I definitely recommend you turn it on and watch this video full screen.

The last time Cut Copy came to Seattle it was not only the greatest live show I’ve ever seen, but it was also one of the greatest, most memorable experiences of my life. Cut Copy are coming back to Seattle at the Showbox SoDo Tuesday, April, 12th and if anyone’s willing and in the area I’d love to have someone to go to the show with. On the off chance that actually applies to anyone reading this, let me know, because I’m dying to buy some tickets.

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2 Responses to Cut Copy – Corner Of The Sky

  1. So, you’re saying it’s worth it for me to drive all the way to NOLA to see them? (They’re not coming to Nashville, and they’re playing Atlanta on a weeknight)

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