Katy B & Magnetic Man

Dubstep was all the rage in the UK this year (see also Rusko) and beautiful newcomer Katy B blew up the scene with some super catchy singles. A little white girl with a very smooth Afro-Caribbean sounding voice, Katy B definitely seems like she’s going somewhere. First up is ‘Katy On A Mission’, produced by Benga.

Katy B also has a new single being officially being released next week in the UK called ‘Lights On’ produced by Geeneus with guest vocals by Ms. Dynamite, one of the many grime MC’s now moving over to dubstep.

And for an extra treat I have video of a live session performance of Magnetic Man’s ‘Perfect Stranger’, featuring strings not found on the more clubby studio version of the song. Ironically Magnetic Man actually consists of three of the biggest producers in dubstep right now–Skream, Benga and Artwork–working with a variety of guest vocalists, like our Katy B on this track. It sounds amazing, so you should really take a listen:

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