Fan Death – Womb Of Dreams

Fan Death’s full length debut Womb of Dreams has finally leaked onto the internet and I have to say, it is AWESOME. They are probably my favorite artists of 2010 right now. I’ve had a massive love affair with them for almost a year (as you can see here and here) and I’m so happy there is finally a full length to go along with the buzz.  Ya’ll should pick this shizznit up.

[BTW, does anyone know an easy way to just search for keywords in your own journal, and not everyone’s?  Other than searching your tags (which I never use) I have no idea how to easy search my own blog for a post I’m looking for.]

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1 Response to Fan Death – Womb Of Dreams

  1. I have no idea, but searching for something like that is specifically why I started using tags.

    Good luck!

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