Summer Camp – Round The Moon / Ghost Camp

As much as it feels it should be over, summer is not over yet. Just ask the 96+ degree heat I felt yesterday. In Seattle! WTF, weather? My apartment is not equipped to deal with that kind of heat. I basically melted into my couch all day, getting up occasionally to drink more water than I think I’ve ever drank in one 24 hour period before. It was sizzling.

While I’m not the biggest fan of summer in the world (why do you think I moved to Seattle?), there are two things about summer I do like: summer music and summer camp. I have this odd fascination with summer camp I can’t really explain–especially since I’ve technically never been to a summer camp–but whenever I see a summer camp movie from the 70’s/80’s I just go into bliss mode. Something deep inside about fond memories of being by a lake in the woods at summertime. Couple that feeling with summer music and you get the London band, Summer Camp.

Summer Camp just put out a new video for their single, “Round The Moon”, which is off their upcoming Young EP. The footage is from a Swedish teen movie from 1970, which perfectly fits their young love, retro summery theme and love of John Hughes movies. Check it out here:

Also I have for you a bonus fan video for their song “Ghost Train”, which is very much in the same spirit of what they do.

They also have a great photo blog, called Summer Camp, that I like to look at from time to time. It consists entirely of found photos from the 80’s.  You might even notice I got the cover to the Lazy Mountains Mixtape from there…

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