Ultimately 80’s Playlist

I’m trying to make the ultimate collection of 80’s music, and I’ve already got quite a lot of good stuff, but I’m always up for more 80’s goodness. Any suggestions?

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    I also really like Wild Wild West, I can’t remember who sings it, but I put it on our wedding playlist, thinking I’d be the only one who’d appreciate it, but everyone went wild.

    Of course, Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.

    • Do you have any Adam Ant song suggestions? I don’t really know his music all that well, and all I have in my iTunes is Kings of the Wild Frontier from Marie Antoinette soundtrack and Strip from You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. (Yes, I am in love with that movie.)

      I assume with Wild Wild West you mean by Escape Club, not Will Smith? Or do you mean someone else, because as I am listening to this song on YouTube I realize that I have never heard it before. And it kind of sucks. More info please!

      Definitely already have Sweet Dreams. Love it.

      More suggestions, please!

      • hahaha

        I do mean by the Escape Club! LOL You don’t like it? You don’t know it? haha. Well, I love it. Reminds me of being a kid in my basement.

        Adam Ant, well, the most popular is probably Goody Two Shoes, but I’m a fan of Friend or Foe. Ant Music is a single, also very good. (possibly under Adam and the Ants).

      • Re: hahaha

        Have you seen the video for this song? It’s really disturbing. And apparently Sergio from SNL is in it, but playing the trumpet, not saxophone.

        Actually, listening to the song a little further, it is kind of catchy, in a shitty 80’s kind of way.

      • Re: hahaha


        Sergio! LOL!

      • Re: hahaha

        What the hell is Andy high-fiving? Is that a lynx? A puma???

      • Re: hahaha

        OK, cool. I just downloaded the Very Best of Adam and the Ants. We’ll see what I find in there.

      • Re: hahaha

        You will not regret it, he was ahead of his time. (and holy cow hot)

  2. sceneasfuck says:

    oh god why did you post this i am supposed to be working

    men without hats – the safety dance
    lionel richie – hello
    madonna – borderline
    toni basil – hey mickey
    bryan adams – summer of 69
    corey hart – i wear my sunglasses at night
    rick astley – never gonna give you up
    tears for fears – mad world
    and idk who sings it, but that SECRET SECRET I’VE GOT A SECRET! song

    some of those are pretty obvious, but i’ve noticed that people tend to overlook them.
    also, are you going to share this 80s collection? :3 i need to flesh out my 80s playlist… it only has 200 songs on it…


    • You know you’d rather be thinking about 80’s music than working, am I right?

      I’ve got Duran Duran’s Hungry Like The Wolf. Anything else that should be considered for the playlist?

      Got The Safety Dance. Got Mickey and Sunglasses At Night and Mad World.

      Of all of the 80’s Madonna songs to choose from, Borderline, really? Alright. 🙂

      Totally forgot all about Summer of ’69. Nice!

      Are you saying you want me to Rick Roll my own playlist? Ha.

      I thought I knew what you meant by the secret song, but then I realized I was singing Obsession in my head instead. Any more details on that one?

      I was thinking of doing a special 80’s Mixtape (or two) for the blog. I’ve got enough songs in there for at least two, and my playlist right now is mostly one hit wonders, so if I really dig deep and go through all of my 80’s albums I’m sure I could milk at least one or two more out of it. Keep the suggestions coming!

      • sceneasfuck says:

        i just googled around and i have discovered the secret song is ‘mr roboto’ by styx lololol. INCLUDE THAT ONE.

        borderline is my favorite madonna song! also, material girl. i think it is totally ok to have more than one song by an artist on your list, since so many artists keep reinventing themselves in the 80s.

        hungry like the wolf is good… if you want to put more duran duran songs: ‘skintrade’; ‘rio’ (not my fave but that’s what most people think when they hear duran duran); ‘girls on film’; ‘planet earth’; ‘the reflex’; ‘notorious’ etc etc.

        i know it was technically released in ’79, but ‘video killed the radio star’ is essential. culture club ‘do you really want to hurt me’; bowie ‘china girl’; phil collins ‘in the air tonight’; def leppard ‘pour some sugar on me’; huey lewis and the news ‘the power of love’… oh, and you should totally find that neverending story song and include that, because it is lol.

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