Memoryhouse – Lately

If you partied hard this Memorial Day weekend and you just got home from your first day at work, I’m guessing you’re probably feeling pretty tired right now. So why not chill things out with some new indie music that will relax your soul and is guaranteed not to add to that headache you’re now rockin’.

Memoryhouse is a chillout duo from Ontario, Canada who kind of sound like She & Him if Zooey Deschanel was writing music while lying on her back in a field of daffodils while REALLY stoned. Best of all, if you like this song then you can download it and three others that are on their first EP that they’re giving away for free on their MySpace page!  Yay for free music!

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1 Response to Memoryhouse – Lately

    Though, it will have to wait until I have a computer desk set up at home.
    I am dying to watch the Kylie vid, but even the still is barely SFW. lol
    Looks hot though!

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