Rainbow Arabia!

OK, so I took a brief detour into the realm of mainstream pop music for a little while, which seems to have not gone over all that well with my regular readers. There is a place in this world for the Beyoncés and the Ke$has, just not apparently on this blog. You guys like it when I pull out the obscure, indie, electronic stuff, and guess what? I hear ya. And I’m back to deliver.

Rainbow Arabia is a new favorite band of mine. If you like The Knife, Gang Gang Dance, Crystal Castles, M.I.A. and/or We Are The World (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?) then you’ll like Rainbow Arabia. They combine tribal beats and world music with electronica and distorted female vocals to make really pretty and unique dance music.

Let’s start with their newest video that just made it’s way onto the interwebs today:

Holiday In Congo

Next we have the humorous, if very dark Omar K:

That little kid cracks me up.

If, by now, you’ve caught the Rainbow Arabia fever, then I give you one more killer track, Let Them Dance:

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1 Response to Rainbow Arabia!

  1. Anonymous says:

    whatever, I for one totally dug your Beyonce post, that video is awesome. As is Rainbow Arabia AND that crazy new underworld video. Your usage of

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