Ke$ha Loves Animation

OK, Pop Culture guilty pleasure confession time–I kind of love Ke$sha’s new album. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit it’s filled with catchy pop songs. Of all the new albums that have come out in 2010 I’ve probably listened to Animal the most, even though it’s one of the few albums I haven’t actually bought yet. I’m kind of afraid that if I were to bring the CD up to the counter at Easy Street, Patrick will revoke my man card (or worse, my random 10% discounts!)

If you don’t still watch The Simpsons (Why not? It’s still funny!) you probably missed one of their best opening credit sequences ever. For the first time, I believe ever, they reanimated the whole opening credit sequence as if it were a music video to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. It’s pretty clever and hilarious. Check it out:

Tik Tok Simpsons Intro

[BTW – I have no idea why everything is backwards in this video, but it’s the best quality version I could find on YouTube, so we’ll have to live with it. Get a mirror and hold it up to your computer if it’s bothering you, I guess.]

Just released this week was Ke$ha’s video for the first song on her album, Your Love Is My Drug. This is probably my favorite video of her’s so far (not including the Simpsons clip), what with its LSD-like, Yellow Submarine-esq, love-induced hallucinogenic trip in the middle of the desert. It’s kind of a cute and innocent little video. I like it.

Your Love Is My Drug

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20 Responses to Ke$ha Loves Animation

  1. OK.

    The Simpsons intro rules.
    I love catchy, pop songs – but I hate the way that betch “sings.”
    Tik Tok is OK.
    That video you just posted is cute, the song is OK – and I bet the remixes are good.
    But the way she sings, oh my word, I can’t stand it.

    Ask me again when I’ve heard more songs, and I may be singin’ a different tune. I hated GaGa at first.

    • Re: OK.

      Like I said, this is definitely in guilty, guilty pleasure territory. This is even guiltier than my intense obsession with Kylie Minogue and The Cardigans (whom I don’t really feel all THAT guilty about…it’s just something you don’t want to bring up with people you’ve never met before).

      I like Ke$ha a lot more than Lady Gaga, who I still don’t really get, even though I do really like the Telephone song (Beyonce probably has something to do with that).

      Ke$ha kinda reinvented sing/rapping, so depending on your opinion of Blondie’s Rapture I can definitely see why you might not like her. I actually think most of her lyrics are actually pretty stupid, but her Dr. Luke beats are crazy catchy.

      What can I say? I like stupid pop songs. My friend Kevin once said while listening to my iPod that my style was very pop, which surprised the hell out of me at first, considering how much rare, indie and obscure music I listen to, but then I thought about it more and all that music I like definitely has that pop level to it.

      • Re: OK.

        I love pop music a lot, myself. In fact, I love Kylie and, hello, t.A.T.u. are about my favorite ever. Stupid pop songs rule. OMFG SEAN KINGSTON FIRE BURNING IS THE BEST SONG EVAR.
        And are you familiar with Uffie? Ke$ha sounds an awful lot like her, so I might debate that she reinvented sing/rapping. And I must dramatically pretend to faint at your comparing her to Blondie.

        GaGa, I’m not going to defend. haha

      • Re: OK.

        To be fair, I love Blondie but I do think Rapture is one of the stupidest songs ever made….

      • Re: OK.

        Not my fave either, but it was a different time and rap really was new and so I don’t hold it against them.

      • Re: OK.

        Eh, Ke$ha is what she is. Do I think she has much of a career ahead of her? Not really. Do I still really like this album even though I can’t exactly explain why? Yes, yes I do.

      • Re: OK.

        But have you heard of Uffie?

      • Re: OK.

        I have, although I don’t have any mp3’s, so I guess I don’t know her all that well.

      • Re: OK.

        I’m not even saying I like her all that much, just that they’re similar.

  2. When I first heard Tik Tok I thought it was Uffie. Then the chorus came in…
    (i do like tik tok)

  3. sceneasfuck says:


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