Summer Music From Around The World – A Summertime Primer

Lots of new music to share with you guys, and since summer is right around the corner I thought we might work with a theme in this post. So in no particular order, here we go.

First up: Delorean. No, not the retro-futuristic car that can send you back to the future if you travel over 88 MPH, but the Spanish electronic band that’ll make you feel like you are at the beach all year long. I love this song so much. It’s the first track on their new album, Subiza, and from the second I heard the first lines of melody I knew I was hooked.

Delorean – Stay Close

I’m not really the biggest Black Keys fan, but when I came across this video randomly this morning I instantly knew I had to get the new album when it came out. Love the Craig Ferguson-esq dinosaur puppet, love the poolside cat fights, and I love the disclaimer rolling along the bottom of the screen that’s actually more entertaining than the craziness that’s happening above it.

The Black Keys – Next Girl

From Spain, to Akron, and now to Australia. Matt Van Schie was once part of the band Van She, and now he’s off doing his own solo thing with a new EP. Thank god he’s still making music because there is nothing I love more than Australian electronic love ballads. The video is really beautifully shot (is this footage from a movie, does anyone know?) and more than a little sexy.

UPDATE: The movie is L’amant (1992)

Matt Van Schie – Journey

To finish up our whirlwind summer world tour we end in Sweden with Club 8. This is a band I found through the amazing Labrador label, a label that if you’re not already familiar with, you should be (Radio Dept., The Mary Onettes, etc.). Everything on it is good. Club 8’s dream pop sounds a lot like a combination of Sweden’s own Cardigans and France’s Ivy.

Amazingly I can’t really find any official music videos for these guys online, aside from the one for their latest single off their upcoming album. This song is from their last album of the same name and is probably an official video, but I can’t tell for sure. What I can tell is that the song is really pretty and the video imagery fits in with our theme, so enjoy.

Club 8 – The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming

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