New Artist to Watch = We Have Band

Are you looking for some new dance rock in the vein of Bloc Party or The Ting Tings?

We Have Band have been just under my radar for a while now. They have slowly been building up a little bit of awareness in the back of my mind lately, but it wasn’t until their newest video came out that I really became a fan. After going back through their various singles and really digging what I had only heard one/two times before, I can honestly say I really like this band now. It sounds like indie rock with a dance tempo, a little electronic keyboard sound, but not too much to scare off the alternative crowd, and I love that they have three vocalists in the band.  I predict these guys are going to blow up big when their album finally comes out. It’s really good stuff. Enjoy!

Full length Debut album WHB out April 5th.

Lots more cool videos after the jump!  (Including one where a cat says hello in Arabic.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself!)

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