An Odd Week At SIFF

It was a unique week at SIFF. Somehow I managed to have my worst experience ever watching a movie and the best within two days of each other.

Let’s start out with the bad. Note to self: Stay the hell away from local films at SIFF. They are always the worst. I didn’t think that they could get as bad as The Whole Truth though. The movie had a great premise: It’s about an acting coach who can’t act who teaches defendants how to act so as to look good for juries. The cast isn’t half bad either. Problem is, the movie is gawd awful. Virtually incoherent, filled with half-assed, trying to be witty dialogue and some of the worst acting to have ever graced the silver screen. It made me physically ill to watch it. That’s not an exaggeration. My body screamed for me to get up and leave. And that’s what I did. For the first time in my life I got up and left in the middle of a movie. Just walked out and didn’t look back. It was that bad. To drive me out of a theater deserves a prize. Or a waterboarding.

My faith in film was nearly shattered that day. What the hell am I doing dragging my ass around the city to see all of these films? I asked myself. Luckily two days later came my answer. Black Dynamite. I’ve never had more fun seeing a film with an audience before. The movie is frickin’ hilarious. Just check out the trailer:

Funny, right? The movie is a billion times better. It makes fun of blacksploitation movies in a way that is both hypercritical and loving at the same time. It’s all about having fun. And if you watch it, that’s what you are guaranteed to have, lots of fun. I plan on seeing it again if it comes back in a regular release. And you can be damn sure I’m going to own it when it comes to DVD.

Finally, I’d like to share one more video from a film from Argentina called The Paranoids. The movie as a whole is probably a B, B-, but the end of it is the reason you go to the movies. It’s about this guy whose college friend comes back to town after becoming successful by making a show called The Paranoids, and the lead character on the show just happens to be based on him. He’s a little weird, very shy and doesn’t have much going on in his life. He falls for his friend’s girlfriend after she crashes at his apartment, but doesn’t make a move on her. After things get pretty shitty he goes to a party, where he walks up the girl and at that moment a band comes on stage, the one in the video below, Farmacia. He starts to dance and she starts to dance with him, and well, the rest is cinematic perfection.

Unfortunately the video clip below is only a promo video for the film, using scenes from the movie but really being more of a music video for the band. It’s not the cut of the movie, which is a damn shame because I wanted to share that with you. But I fell in love with the song, and you can too if you watch the embedding video below:

[Sorry, the video I found doesn’t actually start until about 30 seconds in, so just skip ahead to the good stuff.]

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