Am I the only one who thought when they cut to Angelina Jolie during the Oscars during Jack Black and Jennifer Aniston’s bit on animated films that they did so because they were talking about Kung Fu Panda and she was one of the STARS of Kung Fu Panda? Or did everyone just think that they did so to try and catch her giving Jen the stink eye? Bueller???

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4 Responses to Controversy

  1. Oh I noticed

    And I’m sure it was because Jen was up there and they wanted to catch her giving the stink eye.


  2. They said, the next morning, that Jen and Angie are friends and had conversations back stage. So, I would go with a pan to the characters in the movie. Plus Angie was smiling at her, along with Brad.

    Why do people want to perpetuate some weird issue between the two when there isn’t any? Oh, right, because those people live for drama and can’t accept that people do move on.

    • My point was, when I saw the cutaway I instantly thought of Kung Fu Panda, mainly because I love Kung Fu Panda. It didn’t even occur to me that it could be something else until I read the news the next day. My first response was actually, “Really? REALLY? Didn’t all that happen years ago? Aren’t we over that by now? Come on!”

      I just wanted to know if I was the only one naive enough to love good movies over good gossip.

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