Put a Donk on It!

In an effort to introduce you all of the craziest music from around the world, let me now introduce you to DONK music. Watch this "Donk-umentary" I discovered this morning and revel in the power that is Donk. I swear I thought this was a mockumentary, a la Spinal Tap until I got further into it and realized that this is a real thing. Watch Part One below:

You can watch the rest here.

This is from the description of Part Five, which I thought accurately (and quite amusingly) sums up what Donk music is in dance culture:

"Since the advent of acid house in the late 80s, British techno music has been in a long, baffling search for some sort of universal lowest common denominator. Breakbeat, digital hardcore, and gabber all made strong efforts in the race for the bottom, but none of them holds a candle to donk. Combining the 150bpm madness of happy hardcore with indecipherable North English rap and then overlaying the whole mess with a single, infuriating "donk" sound, donk may well be the apotheosis of all ridiculous dance music to date. It is also the only local thing going for an entire population of working-class kids with dwindling outside prospects.

"This winter VBS traveled to the UK’s donk belt, a stretch of economically devastated post-industrial wasteland situated around the genre’s focal points of Burnley, Wigan, and Blackpool. While donk is completely unheard of even 30 miles to the north or south, within this swath it has achieved a Beatlemania level of popularity. We followed Bolton, England’s Blackout Crew–a donk "boy band" of sorts who rose to prominence through a series of often extremely hilarious Youtube videos–on a brief tour across the countryside. Every show was packed beyond capacity with "donkeys" choking back pills and dancing more intensely than anything we’ve ever seen. It was pandemonium."

For those who prefer to read, there is also an article about Donk culture to go with the documentary, which is often quite funny. Here is a sample:

"Standing at Wigan Pier on our last evening of our northwest pilgrimage, it became apparent that listening to donk for seven hours straight was a bit like being sodomised by a Black and Decker drill in every orifice."
The Blackout Crew’s "Put a Donk on It"

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