Grammar Help!

In the sentence, “That peaked my interest,” is peaked spelled peaked or peeked? This has been bothering me all day long.

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  1. peeked is the choice here. Peaked means, the highest point or top of something, like a mountain. Peek means to see or peer into a window. It’ peaked your interest means it made your interest higher than usual.

    • Wait, isn’t that what I wanted to say though? You’ve confused me…

      • I think what you actually were looking for was pique.

        “You have piqued my interest,” not “you have peaked my interest” or “you have peeked my interest.”

        The word “pique” (pronounced like “peek”) means “to excite or arouse.” “You have piqued my interest” means “you have aroused my interest”–that is, I wasn’t interested before, but now I am.

      • Bam! That’s it. I have this weird skill where my spelling and grammar is completely horrible, but I’m extremely good at knowing when something is actually wrong. Subconsciously I knew pique was the answer, but my stubborn brain couldn’t get around the two other more obvious choices. Stupid brain. What’s worse is when I try to spell a word completely differently from how that word is suppose to be spelled. How I even come up with that spelling, I don’t know. But spell check always has its hands full when it is working with me.

        Oh well. At least I’m smart enough to actually know when it is that I’m wrong. That’s better than 99% of the population of English speakers in America, anyway.

      • That was exactly the SAME thing my brain was doing when I read what you were asking. I KNEW peaked was wrong, but I couldn’t think of it, until you ask me if that was right…lol

      • I confused myself there for a second, too. lol

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