(more) Things that make me go HMMM….

I just read this news story, which is extremely bizarre, out of Indiana about a mother who thinks that she found a hidden message both in a baby doll and in a Nintendo DS game where a baby says "Islam is the light".  Watch the clip and you tell me: Does that sound anything like Islam to you?  It doesn’t sound anything like Islam to me.  Are Americans a little too paranoid about these sorts of things?

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3 Responses to (more) Things that make me go HMMM….

  1. Personally, I heard it say, Islam is the light, after I turned up my volume all the way. However, I do think people over react here about almost everything, so I can see why you don’t hear it. I think I will use it in class and see what they say tomorrow about it.

    Yep, listened again. Islam is the light, over and over, in the game, when giving it (the baby) a bath. Weird.

  2. I’ve seen stuff about this elsewhere. There’s an entire website called “Mothers Ask Mattel for Accountability.” About this issue. THIS issue.

    I don’t think the baby says Islam is the Light… but even if it did, does it REALLY warrant people going bonkers? Do they think their kids are going to strap bombs to themselves after hearing a garbled, completely innocuous statement? (I mean, it’s not like it said Death to America, or anything.)

    This kind of thing makes me so CRAZY!

    • I think if it makes people go bonkers, then that is a huge problem for sure. And a bit stupid. I mean, who cares? If it said Baptists are the best, would people be as upset? Or if is said, “Catholic is the only way?” lol

      People are messed up.

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