Billy Dee Killed My Blog

Is it possible for a movie to have a “twist” ending if you can figure it out before the movie starts?

On a whim (and because I had nothing better to do) I went to go see Righteous Kill today. The movie isn’t horrible by any means and DeNiro is particularly cool and understated in his role, but the screenplay? Lazy! A movie like this needs to be eased into slowly and let the mystery build up in the background before you let the audience know that everything they see might not be as it seems. You don’t tell people to look for the twist in the first frame! Please, you could see this one coming from a mile away.

In fact, I issue a challenge. Not that I recommend you go see this movie, but IF YOU DO, I will pay for your movie ticket if you can watch the whole movie and then honestly tell me that you didn’t guess the twist ending before it happened. I expect my money to stay firmly in my wallet (unlike my credit card which mysteriously (not really) disappeared right before I tried to return a sweater. Damn you again, Comcast!)

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1 Response to Billy Dee Killed My Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    DeNiro is a woman. DeNiro is dead. DeNiro’s dying wife was secretly telling him how to defeat the aliens, not just mumbling gobbledygook?
    Pacino’s character used to make bombs for the IRA?
    A dingo ate 50 Cents baby?
    DeNiro and Pacino are THE SAME PERSON?
    It was FREDO!
    come on, i’m getting close, right?

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