Annoying Concert Trend

I went to see Above & Beyond last night at the Showbox at the Market, downtown, and while the show was pretty good, there was something that I’ve been noticing lately that ends up really taking away from the concert experience. That’s the digital camera. Why do people feel the need to take fifteen thousand grainy pictures of the band on their iPhone? Or of their friends? Look at me! I’m right at the front of the stage, but you wouldn’t know it because I’ve got my back to the performers so that I can take a billion pictures!

Worse yet, what the hell is up with the guy making a concert documentary with the video feature on his digital camera??? It’s a camera, not a camcorder. Take a couple seconds of footage and then put your damn camera away, seriously. Because I can’t see through your raised arms. And I don’t appreciate that elbow to the chest while you try to get a better angle with your other arm. I just want to hear good music and dance. Why do you have to make me so angry, camera guy?

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